Do You Need To Prepare For The Future?

As you experience many of life's important and joyful milestones such as coming of legal age, getting your first job, marriage and building a family, preparing for the future becomes more and more important. As you amass wealth, gain assets and, unfortunately, suffer from deteriorating health, having an estate plan or will in place should be the first step as you prepare. Especially if you have the children, having clearly laid plans and intentions will be paramount as they sort through your affairs and ensure that your wishes are met.

Larry Heiser, Attorney at Law, can help you in a variety of estate planning procedures. We can help you choose the services that are right for you, including:

  • Wills
  • Living wills
  • Trusts
  • Power of attorney
  • Guardianship

Additionally, if you or your loved ones are faced with probate, we are available to help you through that long and sometime overwhelming process. If necessary, we can help in the administration of an estate, as well.

Making It Easy

Our primary lawyer, Larry Heiser, will help you prepare for the future in any way he can. Your estate plan can be as simple or as complex as need be. Larry will sit down with you to help you determine what your wishes and needs are and how we can accomplish them. With a knowledgeable, competent and personable lawyer on your side, formulating an estate plan should be easy.

Most importantly, having these plans in place will help your loved ones avoid the process of probate on your estate. While it may be a good option in specific circumstances, overall, probate is difficult, taxing and long. If this is indeed something you are faced with, Larry Heiser, Attorney at Law, will help you navigate through this process. Even if you have not made an estate plan with us, Larry can help you work through probate.

Ready To Help

For help formulating your estate plan or working through probate, contact Larry Heiser, Attorney at Law, at 740-251-4655. You can also contact us through email.

Our firm is located in Marion, Ohio, and represents clients throughout Marion County.